Physician Quality Reporting System

Faster and more efficient reimbursement of healthcare claims to government (Medicare, Medicaid, Blues) and commercial carriers is achieved through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Recent HIPAA regulations require mandatory submission of electronic claims to certain government payers in the ANSI X12 837 Format. If you are still submitting claims using paper HCFA or the old NSF format then prepare for the changes. Call Sartec to help you with these issues.

Key Benefits

bulletCompliant with all future regulations.
bulletGet reimbursed within 14 days by most carriers.
bulletMinimal paperwork in your office.
bulletClaims sent directly to Medicare.
bulletAlmost all carriers covered.
bulletUseful and informative acknowledgement and exclusion reports.
bulletMinimal cost, significantly than paper processing.

NSF to ANSI 837 conversion - Call Sartec for this service.


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