Practice Manager

Sartec offers complete office automation systems for physicians. Configurations include - Turnkey systems, with all required hardware, software, cabling and installation - Software systems that install on your existing hardware - as well as Systems that address specific requirements, such as patient scheduling.

Practice Management System

A complete practice management system with patient accounting, billing, patient/physician appointments, medical records, collection reports and electronic claims.

Electronic Medical Records

Keep your patient charts securely on the computer. Use an efficient, and easy to use, template system for entering in patient data. Select from many available templates (for most specialties) or easily customize a template for your own needs. Connects directly to your patient accounting system, thereby reducing procedures entry time. 


A sophisticated, yet easy to use, system for scheduling patient/physician appointments with daily, weekly, monthly views. Ability to view all current patient appointments and to locate suitable time slots for future appointments. Useful for those physicians that have billing services or/and don't require complete practice management systems.

Computer and Network Systems

We configure/modify systems for practices that require new or enhanced computer or/and network systems with remote site access or internet access. 

NSF to ANSI 837 conversion 

The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), now known as CMS ( Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services), has adopted the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12.86 Health Care Claim as the standard claim format for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of Medicare claim data for Medicare services. Call Sartec for this program that converts your current NSF claim files to the new format. Remember that all Medicare claims must be submitted in the new format from September 2002 onwards.