Sartec provides efficient and reliable billing services for healthcare providers. We strive to achieve the most equitable and complete financial reimbursement for the procedures performed.  We are committed to reducing paperwork and to significantly enhancing the practice’s cash flow. We conduct our business with the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards and abide by all applicable regulations and guidelines.  

If you want your..


Administrative expenses and headaches reduced?


Claims payment time improved?


Questions concerning billing answered immediately?


Aged insurance accounts paid?


Paperwork associated with claims eliminated from your office?


Employees trained to maximize claims payment?


Patient Statements and questions handled by someone else?


Bookkeeping and payroll headaches eliminated?

.. then Contact us.

Key Benefits

bulletGet reimbursed within 14 days by most carriers.
bulletMinimal paperwork in your office.
bulletEfficient and timely follow up on all delayed/denied claims.

Modes of Operation

 Standard: Your Database, and the Computer System on which it is stored, is entirely at our location. You send us your Routing Sheets (Encounter Forms or Superbills), Insurance updates, payment receipts (Explanation of Benefits – EOBs) and new Patient Information. We bill the Carriers, most of them Electronically (including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Shield, Oxford, Cigna), send Statements to your Patients, call Carriers concerning denials (then follow up, correct and re-bill), respond to Patient billing queries etc. We provide you with weekly summary reports of all our activities and accounts receivable analysis, and also review your capitation roster. Cost of this service is dependent on the specialty, claim volume and reporting requirements.

Advanced: Your Database and Computer System reside at your facility and are completely under your control.  Your Staff enters in the Daily Procedures (or Charges) and we take over from there.  Using an Advanced Telecommunications link (either dial up, dedicated line or secure VPN via the Internet) we use the Information on your System to Bill, Query and Reconcile your Accounts. The Advantage of this Mode of Operation is that you and your Staff have instant and up-to-date Access to your Patient Accounts and have the capacity to simultaneously use the Computer System for Appointments, Charts and other Reporting activities. This System may be set up on your existing Computing hardware and the monthly service charge depends on claim volume.



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